Taking into account traditional taste of carefully selected meat and spices, as a result of mixing in modern, technologically new mixers according to specially prepared recipes, we give an appropriate taste to Euro Döner. In this area we show the highest care to expectations of our clients.


As Euro Döner, during döner production and after the end of it, we conduct numerous inspections to maintain quality.
Bearing in mind the fact that people buying goods pay attention to quality, Euro Döner is forced to perform continuous tests and developmental actions in its production. Our company focuses considerably on research and development issues. Our factory working in Poland is equipped with machines fulfilling hygienic requirements, having systems developed at the highest technological level. Our company meeting all regulations required from organizations producing food according to the Turkish Food Codex performs production under veterinary and medical control, paying particular attention to standards of HACCP food safety management system.


By opening Euro Döner restaurants, in order to fulfil social responsibility and in a way complaint with our service and quality policy, Euro Döner is acquiring the sector for people who want to render high quality services in the retail market and having specific features. We have many year long experience and more than 150 restaurants. As a Euro Döner family, we feel the joy of being with you at every moment from the stage of opening your restaurant.